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Wyatt Mills Goes Normal at Project Gallery


Project Gallery is pleased to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of Los-Angeles based painter Wyatt Mills. His newest body of work, "Normal," confronts standard ideologies and concepts surrounding what it is to be normal in our society, letting our insecurities and neuroses whirl around in the open air instead of confining them.

Broaching concepts of normalcy, status quo, and compromise through his latest body of work, Wyatt Mills brings us a body of paintings and collages depicting everyday scenes that are inherently a part of our everyday reality. His paintings and collages depict mundane moments that reach into the darkest corners of our lives and splatter our inner turmoil across the canvas. Well-rendered distinctive figures combine with painterly abstraction to take us to a new dimension that projects our own subjective experience. Mills uses a pallet of surreal colors to create a disturbance to a meditative feeling, combining classical methodology with a contemporary mindset - bubblegum pinks, chartreuse, and violet swaths of paint, all permeated by the ultra-modern pthalo blue. The application itself appears thrown across the canvas, bleeding transparencies into thick gestures visually reminiscent of a dream or memory. These works are used as catalysts, provoking us to question and expand the collective concept of normal. 

The smaller scale portraits that Mills has constructed will act as individual catalysts, delving deeper into how we perceive ourselves behind the facades that we put on. We are intertwined with the world now, constantly stimulated yet blissfully ignorant. These examples of sole subjects take away the facade, seeking to understand each other's concept of "normal," and ultimately making a scarifice to jump into an other's world and mind.

This series of new works get into our heads, dominating the walls and permeating our subconscious. Combining visceral brushstrokes, anamorphic perspective, and elements of collage, Mills physically portrays the anxieties, neuroses, and personal battles swirling through his subject's heads, forcing the viewer to confront what their concept of "normal" is, showing them who they are - a reflection of everything that you have taken on.

Wyatt Mills' upcoming solo exhibition "Normal" at Project Gallery opens January 9, 2015 with  reception from 7-11pm.

Heidi Johnson