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H E I D I  J O H N S O N

Heidi Johnson is rapidly becoming a name synonymous with the Los Angeles art scene. Since founding her own company, Hijinx Art Management & PR, she has gained notoriety working largely with street artists, collaborating with galleries and brands internationally and locally. Her passion for the arts ignited these relationships, but her care and vigilance have fostered long lasting friendships throughout the country.

Since founding Hijinx, Heidi has worked with Greg Escalante, Mat Gleason, Hueman, RISK, Robbie Conal, and Blake Little. She has coordinated and promoted exhibitions with Gregorio Escalante Gallery, Coagula Curatorial, Lancaster MOAH, and Paul Kopeikin Gallery. She has worked with brands such as Nike, Converse, American Express, and NYX Cosmetics and maintains relationships with the Huffington Post, Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose, Whitehot Magazine, the LA Times, and the LA Weekly.




DUSTIN CLENDENEN has worked in nearly every sector of the media, including PR, journalism and marketing. When he's not working as a writer, editor or publicist, he spends his time thinking about the "Big Picture" and obsessing over its details. Dustin holds a BA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College Chicago.