Annie Terrazzo Finds A Whole New Audience Outside Gallery Walls

The L.A. Based Concept Artist is Online and Achieving Success in a "Post-Gallery" Art World

The traditional gallery scene is dying. Or so says the rise of online art dealers like, Paddle8, Ocula, Artsy - even Amazon Art. Whether it's true or not, Los Angeles based concept artist Annie Terrazzo is definitely doing well on the new digital frontier. Far better than in the brick and mortar art world.

After exhibiting internationally and locally, Terrazzo became frustrated with the politics of the gallery scene and decided it was time to take a new level of control over her career. A few years ago, she packed up one of her exhibits and posted it online, choosing to show and sell her artworks digitally in these new non-traditional outlets. And something about it worked.

Terrazzo has exhibited globally throughout her career in cities like London, Toronto, Miami, New York, and, of course, Los Angeles, but it wasn't until going live on Saatchi Art that she truly began selling all over the world.

Leaving the traditional gallery scene has allowed her work to be collected by an audience she never encountered at her exhibits, giving her international fans. The online gallery space also gives her a way to interact with art admirers that might never step foot in a gallery. After all, Saatchi Art is trying to fill the gap between Etsy and Sotheby's - a nice Terrazzo's found artwork falls into perfectly.

"I love it," Terrazzo says about digital galleries. "My work is being seen and collected by people all over the world. And I get 70% of my sales. In the past, galleries were taking half or more as commission. And sometimes I wasn't even getting my original pieces back after shows. This is a whole new world for me."

Ironically, in January, all of this success led to Terrazzo being hand-picked as postergirl for the power of online galleries, and she was featured in the group show "From the Street" at Saatchi's headquarters in Santa Monica, CA. There are some more gallery shows on the horizon as well. This month, Terrazzo is being featured in Laluzapalooza 2016, the annual group show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood. On March 24, Terrazzo is joining the roster for Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel, the highly anticipated second exhibition to the biggest feline-inspired art show in the world.

In the meantime, and always, her work is proudly up and just a click away at Saatchi Art.