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  • PR & Media Relations
  • Partnerships & Events
  • Industry Introductions
  • Artist Management
  • Brand Development
  • Operations Consulting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Strategy


With a history of event management, personal assistance to Hollywood celebrities, and gallery integration, Hijinx is one of the most varied PR agencies for the arts in Los Angeles. We know how to get your content to your crowd, no matter what that content might be. While a complete floor-to-ceiling management might make the most sense for some of our clients, another proven talent of our team is public outreach for big events. Whether it's a new body of work that needs editorial attention or a party that needs listings handled to translate into ticket sales, we can help.

Look at some of our past projects and contact us to find out more about how Hijinx can help with your project's outreach.


Founded in 2004, Hijinx seeks to establish and facilitate the growth and development of known and developing fine artists internationally. By forging relationships with galleries, museums, and publications, Hijinx helps to guide and manage the professional careers of artists in the industry. We represent talent from digital art to street art at varying lengths of career, and we pride ourselves on taking each of our clients to the next stage, regardless of what stage they find themselves currently.

Reach out to us with information on your work and goals to see if Hijinx can help you take the next large step.